1 in 12 people in the US have asthma. 10.3 million children are affected by the disease, and it’s the 3rd leading cause of hospitalizations for those under 15. Asthma was responsible for 14.4 million missed school days and costs approximately $56 billion dollars in medical costs and lost productivity.

Currently, asthma patients are offered self-administered peak flow meters, which tend to be inaccurate and seldom used. Lung obstruction occurs before symptoms like coughing or wheezing appear and this is when action should be taken. The average time to the peak of symptoms is 5 days. Recovery takes an additional 6 days. A hospital spirometer is capable of detecting lung obstruction early on, before symptoms appear. However, it’s trapped in the hospital because these devices cost thousands of dollars and requires a trained respiratory therapist to coach patients. Therefore, it doesn’t exist at most hospitals. Even if a child gets a chance to do this test in the hospital, it happens so infrequently. Chances are, they’ll miss an upcoming life-threatening attack. If this technology isn’t brought closer to asthmatics at home, the power of spirometry will be left as a hidden treasure. 

Therefore, KNOX has been developing Aeris, an asthma management tool with a portable spirometer that’s as accurate as the devices in the hospital. This information is relayed onto an app over Bluetooth, which tracks lung health over time.


KNOX believes that asthma attacks can be prevented and have made lung-tracking fun while providing hospital-level care. With a handheld device that accurately measures and reports lung capacity, peak expiratory flow and spirometry loops via the cloud-based mobile app, Aeris allows parents and children to keep tabs on frequent, reliable results. 


The kind of highly accurate hospital spirometer that is commonly used to diagnose asthma can cost thousands of dollars. The KNOX team hopes that the initial price on our device will be affordable for families of asthmatics. This allows for you to have hospital level technology in your home so that you can detect health problems early on and keep track of lung health on a daily basis. 


Want to take control of your child's lung health?


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